MesoWest Utah Air Quality - Mobile Data Download Interface

This page provides access to mobile air quality observations maintained by the University of Utah Department of Atmospheric Sciences. These include instrument packages deployed on UTA public transit systems, other vehicles, and KSL-TV Chopper 5.

Data for short-term periods (up to 2 days) can be accessed by using the options below.
Simply select a desired station and time period and then click "Download Data".

If you are interested in longer-term historical or QA/QC data, please Contact Us for more information.

Data are returned in a comma-delimited text form to the browser, with a few header lines denoting time period requested and column descriptions. At this time, requests and data only in UTC time are supported, so all data requests and returned data are in UTC time.

All variables recorded by a station are returned, and null or missing values are denoted with a "-9999" value.

Time Options: Year: Month: Day: Hour: Minute: Period:

Station Options: Station ID: