MesoWest Utah Air Quality - Mobile Data Archive Download Interface

This page provides authenticated access to archived provisional air quality observations collected by mobile resources.

Archived observations are organized into monthly containers by station identifier and primary measurement type. Organization by measurement type is required due to seasonal instrumentation being installed/removed from the mobile resources, as some equipment is only deployed for shorter time periods or during high pollution episodes (e.g. particulates in winter, ozone in summer). This organization also allows for more efficient and downloading of the data from our archives.

An authentication key is required in order to access this resource of archived observations. To request an authentication key, please navigate to the Contact Us page and email the primary contacts with your request for a key along with some background information on your project. We will then review your request and issue a key if approved.

As mentioned previously, the observations that are collected and made available via this resource are for research and educational initiatives. These observations should be considered provisional without any in-depth quality control applied.

Data are returned in a comma-delimited text form, with a few header lines denoting the data requested and column descriptions.
At this time, returned data are shown with timestamps corresponding to UTC. Null or missing measurements are returned as "-9999".

To get started, you can use the options below to access a month of data for a specific mobile station and primary measurement type.
Then enter your access key and click "Download Data".

Year and Month Selection: Year: Month:

Station Selection:

Primary Measurement Type:

Authentication Key:

In addition to the interactive option above, you can formulate a web query which could then be used to automate downloads of archived data if desired (using your authenticated key). The primary URL would be this:

With the query arguments thereafter being the following:

yr = four-digit year of the month of data desired (e.g. 2017)
mo = two-digit month of data desired (e.g. 05)
stid = station identifier (see the station selection list above for options in parentheses)
datatype = primary measurement type (see the type selection list above for options in parentheses)
accesskey = your authentication key

While we allow for automated data access using this service, this service is not intended to be used for repeated automated access to real-time data. Such use, which could harm data access for other users, may lead to revoking of access privileges.