Current MesoWest Utah Air Quality Observations

This page provides access to real-time provisional air quality observations collected within the previous hour from resources across Utah. Included are fixed-site monitors deployed by the Utah Division of Air Quality, the University of Utah, and others. Additionally, monitors deployed on UTA TRAX light rail cars, UTA electric buses, other vehicles, and KSL-TV Chopper 5 may also be displayed.

*Note: The particulate observations shown here are from a wide variety of sensors, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. Some sensors (deployed on the mobile platforms and some fixed sites) can occasionally record higher values when the air contains a lot of PM2.5 as well as excess moisture (such as dense fog).

The menu on the top-left corner of the map can be used to show or hide measurements these various resources.

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On the map above, square markers are primarily fixed-site observations made available courtesy of data aggregation services by Synoptic Data PBC. Circle markers represent data collected from mobile platforms managed by the University of Utah Department of Atmospheric Sciences. The larger markers represent the most recent collected observation, with trailing transparent markers representing older observations as the platform moves.

Weather observations from Synoptic Data PBC can be plotted by clicking the "Load Weather Obs" button on the map. Observations will be plotted in wind barb format similar to MesoWest. Red numbers indicate temperature in degrees Celsius. Green numbers indicate relative humidity. Wind barbs show wind speed in meters per second (one full barb is 5 meters per second). Wind gust values larger than 5 meters per second are also shown in yellow if available.

The table below provides the most recent pm2.5 concentration observation collected from each platform shown on the map, with links to time series graphs available as well to show data over the previous 24 hours. Rows can be sorted by clicking on the table headers.

Currently 2024-04-13 19:49 MT (2024-04-14 01:49 UTC)
TypeStationLast Record AvailablePM2.5 ConcentrationAdditional Links
MobileUTA EBus 18151 (BUS02)2024-04-13 19:42:00 MT1.88 ug/m324hr Graph
MobileUTA TRAX 1136 (TRX01)2024-04-13 19:40:30 MT3.00 ug/m324hr Graph
MobileUTA TRAX 1104 (TRX02)2024-04-13 19:40:00 MT3.00 ug/m324hr Graph
MobileUTA TRAX 1034 (TRX03)2024-04-13 19:40:30 MT2.00 ug/m324hr Graph
In-SituU of U Mountain Met Lab (MTMET)2024-04-13 19:45 MT2.25 ug/m324hr Graph
In-SituU of U William Browning Building (WBB)2024-04-13 19:45 MT2.02 ug/m324hr Graph
In-SituThe Waterford School (WTRFD)2024-04-13 19:45 MT2.21 ug/m324hr Graph
In-SituBountiful - Viewmont (QBV)2024-04-13 19:00 MT6.60 ug/m324hr Graph
In-SituCopperview (QCV)2024-04-13 19:00 MT5.00 ug/m324hr Graph
In-SituErda (QED)2024-04-13 19:00 MT7.40 ug/m324hr Graph
In-SituHerriman (QH3)2024-04-13 19:00 MT5.70 ug/m324hr Graph
In-SituHarrisville (QHV)2024-04-13 19:00 MT3.90 ug/m324hr Graph
In-SituHawthorne (QHW)2024-04-13 19:00 MT3.40 ug/m324hr Graph
In-SituInland Port (QIP)2024-04-13 19:00 MT4.30 ug/m324hr Graph
In-SituLindon (QLN)2024-04-13 19:00 MT3.90 ug/m324hr Graph
In-SituLake Park (QLP)2024-04-13 19:00 MT4.30 ug/m324hr Graph
In-SituNear Road (QNR)2024-04-13 19:00 MT4.90 ug/m324hr Graph
In-SituPrice (QP2)2024-04-13 19:00 MT3.70 ug/m324hr Graph
In-SituRose Park (QRP)2024-04-13 19:00 MT4.50 ug/m324hr Graph
In-SituRoosevelt (QRS)2024-04-13 19:00 MT3.10 ug/m324hr Graph
In-SituSpanish Fork (QSF)2024-04-13 19:00 MT3.10 ug/m324hr Graph
In-SituSmithfield (QSM)2024-04-13 19:00 MT4.90 ug/m324hr Graph
In-SituUtah Technical Center (QUTTC)2024-04-13 19:00 MT3.90 ug/m324hr Graph
In-SituUofU Red Butte (QUURB)2024-04-13 19:00 MT4.40 ug/m324hr Graph
In-SituVernal (QV4)2024-04-13 19:00 MT2.50 ug/m324hr Graph
In-SituPreston PM25 BAM (A4503)2024-04-13 19:00 MT1.00 ug/m324hr Graph
In-SituCave Camp - Timpanogos Cave (A4547)2024-04-13 19:00 MT8.00 ug/m324hr Graph
In-SituJames Town Mobile (A4580)2024-04-13 18:00 MT1.70 ug/m324hr Graph
In-SituSoda Springs PM25 (A4627)2024-04-13 19:00 MT4.80 ug/m324hr Graph
In-SituKemmerer Mobile (A4815)2024-04-13 17:00 MT0.00 ug/m324hr Graph
In-SituPilot Gold (MSI04)2024-04-13 19:00 MT0.00 ug/m324hr Graph